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Medical Forms




In order to provide the best medical care for your children we need all forms to be completed and submitted by April 1, 2022 to give adequate time for the camp nurses to review the information.


Please email Diane (diane@campmosh.orgfax us or mail in your forms to our Adminstrative Office.

Physician Form - This forms is found in CampInTouch and above. This is the only version we will accept.


Proof of Insurance - Please submit a copy of your insurance card (front and back) if we do not already have it on file from a past summer.


Health History - This form is found only in Campminder in the forms and documents section and can only be completed online.


Please click here to log into your CampMinder account.


If your camper will be taking prescription OR over-the-counter medication at camp, these forms must be submitted:


Medical Authorization Form & Daily Medication Form


All camper medications, vitamins, supplements are filled by Mosh's pharmacy partner, CampMeds. Parents must register at IN ADDITION to filling out medical forms for Camp Mosh. Please review these instructions and FAQs about CampMeds.


PLEASE NOTE: If your child requires a specific brand or manufacturer of medication, please have the doctor write the brand/manufacturer into the prescription. Otherwise, your camper’s medication may be filled with a generic version if it is available.

*If you would like us to double-check the prescription sent to us by CampMeds please provide an empty medication container with the correct information like dosage and instructions.

 If you have any questions about medications, you can be in touch with Mosh's medical administrator, Diane (

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