Mosh madrichimot (counselors) are known for their boundless energy, huge hearts, and passionate idealism. They collectively create a summer and year-round curriculum meant to inspire and empower campers. Tzevet (staff) grows each camper’s individual strengths, building their leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. They are supported by year-round staff who train and advise them.


Graduates of Camp Moshava and Habonim Dror leadership programs go on to engage in the community, becoming leaders and activists in social justice and Jewish communal organizations during and after college.


Mia Egerman

Melava Tochniot

(Camper Wellness and Programming Director)


Melava Tochniot

(Camper Wellness and Programming Director)

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(Technical Director)

Shula Bronner
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(Technical Director)

Rosh Machaneh
(Staff Director)

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Kevin Bernstein

Executive Director



Abby Cohen

I started working for Mosh in 2013 and have three children at camp. In my position, I meet with prospective families. I am here to help you with the registration process and any questions you may have.

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Talia Rodwin

Camp Director


I have been involved with Mosh since 2006, my first year as a camper. I am excited to keep building Mosh as the vibrant and accepting community that impacted me so much when I was younger.


Tess Greenwood

I have been part of the Mosh community since 2008. Mosh is where I learned to use my voice and take action and I am thrilled to facilitate this for the next generation of campers! Reach out to me about Bonimot Tzedek.

Community Engagement Coordinator 




The Habonim Dror Camp Moshava Board and its committees are comprised of highly dedicated alumni, parents of campers, tzevet (summer staff), and friends of Mosh who volunteer their time, energy, and support. Please email the Board President if you’d like to pitch in.


More information about our amazing board members coming soon!  


Kevin Bernstein

Executive Director


Coming soon!

Judy Gelman; Chair of the Scholarship Committee

On a hot August day when I was nine, my mom and two of her friends took their daughters on a tour of Jewish camps. We toured two girls’ camps where everyone wore uniforms and trudged from activity to activity holding balls, bats, rackets, and oars, looking bored, tired and identical. Then we came to the old Mosh in Parole, MD. The facilities were so basic that two families didn’t get out of the car. But as luck would have it, we drove up at the exact moment that revolution had been called. The joy and excitement and boundless energy I saw sold me immediately. It helped to know that my grandparents had been integral to starting Annapolis Camp Gordonia, Habonim Dror’s predecessor, and that my aunt, uncle and mom were campers in the 30’s and 40’s. Mosh was the first major choice I ever made, although at the time I had no idea it would mold my lifelong friendships, my values, my Judaism, and my politics. What Mosh gave me and later my three kids is something I am still repaying with my service on the Board and especially by chairing the Scholarship Committee. As I saw at first glimpse long ago, Mosh is just not another summer camp.

Eli Glaser; At Large

I grew up going to Mosh, first as a camper and later as a counselor, and met many lifelong friends there (including my future wife!). I loved the freedom and agency that Mosh provided and it helped give me a strong Jewish identity and an appreciation of social justice. I joined the board of directors because I want to ensure that my sons, nieces and nephews have the same opportunity as me to enjoy the wonderful, supportive atmosphere that exists at Mosh.

Rafi Pristoop; At Large

Mosh has always felt like my home away from home and has been one of the most influential parts of my life. My father attended Mosh as a youth and first brought me there when I was 15 months old and he was the camp doctor. As a camper, I gained self confidence, leadership skills, and a strong sense of justice and idealism. I went on to become Merkez Chinuch and then Rosh Machaneh. My closest friends are the ones I went to Mosh with. The experience shaped me into who I am today working as a doctor in Washington, DC.

Pam Stone; President

When I first met my husband and he talked about his Mosh friends, I thought it was so weird that someone in his mid 20s still had his camp friends at the center of his universe. Little did I know that his Mosh friends would become my dear friends, and Mosh would become a focal point in our family's life. I feel confident that our children, now in their early 20s, will have the same lifelong connections with their Mosh friends that my husband has with his. Mosh is a life-changing experience; it builds community, reinforces important Jewish values and beliefs, and encourages and teaches young people to take responsibility for themselves and the world around them. In this crazy time, how can we not do all we can to preserve the Mosh of today and secure the future for the Mosh of tomorrow? Mosh has had such a life-changing impact on all who have experienced its magic. Even though I wasn't fortunate enough to experience Mosh as a camper, I am proud to be a member of the Mosh family!

Talia Frank; Eizor (Year-Round Programs) Representative

Mosh has been a part of my family's story for many decades. I first came to Mosh in 2009 with my sister and Mosh has been a huge part of my life ever since. I was excited to run the eizor so that I could shape Mosh year round and being on the board is a great way for me to have autonomy over the community that I care about.

Emily Greenblatt; VP, Administration

Thoughts to come!

Abby Hoffman; At Large

Thoughts to come!

Dekel Merin; VP, Facilities

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Zev Shofar; Eizor (Year-Round) Representative

Hi! I am Zev and have been going to Mosh since 2010 and I have loved it ever since. This past summer, I worked my first in-person summer on tzevet as a Bogrimot madrichol (counselor for 10th graders). This year, I am co-running the Eizor as the virtual coordinator. I hope to help guide Mosh decisions that will make it a meaningful space for kids in years to come.

Jenni Tonti; VP, Finance

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Gil Browdy; VP, Fundraising

I started out at Mosh when I was 11 years old after seeing how much my older brothers loved it. From that first day at camp, I knew this was the place for me. I spent my summers at Mosh as a camper and a tzevet (staff) member, eventually also working at other Habonim Dror camps and seeing how the special nature of Mosh is actually a larger community with shared values and vision. I was the Mazkir (executive director) of Habonim Dror North America and afterwards moved to Israel and continued working with Habonim Dror in Israel. After 10 years in Israel, I moved back with my family to the DC area with my deep connection to Habonim Dror, and Mosh in particular, still fresh in my heart. When I was presented the opportunity to join the board and help give back and strengthen the place I hold so dear, I jumped at the chance. And one day soon my two little kids will be old enough to go themselves!

Emily Zeller; VP, Marketing

Thoughts to come!

Ethan Weisbaum; Young Alumni Representative

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Matthew Weinstein; At Large

I am a veteran activist in organizations like Progressive Maryland, the Baltimore Jewish Green & Just Alliance, and J Street. My daughter has been a camper at Mosh since 3rd grade and it's been a big part of her and our family's life. Unlike my own summer camp experience growing up, Camp Moshava has meant close relationships and genuine community and the development of a passionate, progressive Jewish commitment for our daughter. As a board member, I hope to bring that wonderful experience to the next generation of kids growing up in our community.

Judy Ruttenberg; At Large

Thoughts to come!

Benjamin Sager; At Large

Hi I’m “Sager” I was at camp from 2003-2010. I fell in love with Mosh during my time there both as a camper and a counselor. Camp Moshava gave me a strong connection to Israel and taught me EGE (enthusiam generates enthusiasm) and how to always make the best of any situation. I wanted to join the board of directors because I wanted to give back to something that helped shaped who I am today.

Nancy Kaufman Cohen; At Large

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Avi Edelman; President-Elect

I am who I am because of Mosh, which instilled in me a few basic truths that continue to guide me to this day: that my voice not only matters, but indelibly shapes my community; that my freedom and dignity are inextricably bound to the freedom and dignity of my neighbors; that giving is more liberating than taking; and that love can be a radical force for good. Also that drinking water and wearing sunscreen are really, really important. I had the privilege of attending Mosh as a chanich, madatz, tzevet member, and Rosh between 2001-2012, and it's been my honor to serve as a board member for many years since, putting the fun into fundraising and helping Mosh grow our capacity to provide scholarships, build a legacy program, and continue to update our facilities for many future generations of campers to experience the magic of Mosh.

Dove Begleiter; Tzevet (Staff) Representative

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Abigail Svetlik; Tzevet (Staff) Representative

Hi! My name is Abigail (she/they) and I am excited to be joining the board as a tzevet representative. I spent my first summer at Mosh in 2014, and ever since, Mosh has been an incredibly special place where I spend time with friends, explore social justice issues, participate in rewarding labor, and connect with Judaism. Every time I return to Mosh, I feel like I gain a little bit more insight into the behind-the-scenes work that makes Mosh so magical. I’m excited to be a part of that process, both during the summer as a tzevet member and year-round on the board.

Elijah Gur-Arie; Tzevet (Staff) Representative

Thoughts to come!

Eli Roggen; Tzevet (Staff) Representative

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