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At Habonim Dror Camp Moshava, we invite campers to explore the world not just beyond the borders of Mosh, but beyond their communities and lived experiences as well. With intention, we work to create a culture where we celebrate each camper for who they are and for what they uniquely contribute to our camp community. Mosh campers return year after year, generation after generation, because they feel valued, engaged, and embraced.
Racial Inclusivity
Like the broader Jewish community, the Mosh camper cohort is becoming more racially diverse. We celebrate the experiences and histories that make all of our campers who they are.
To create a welcoming space for campers of color, our tzevet members receive diversity training that includes: understanding child development and how children build race consciousness; how to create and implement effective racial equity-focused programming and other age-appropriate educational content; and facilitation skills to ensure that campers of color are not responsible for doing the work of educating their peers about race and racism.
Past programs have allowed campers to explore topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement; the Susquehannock people, on whose ancestral land Mosh now resides; the school-to-prison pipeline; immigration policy; and Judaism as the foundation for being an anti-racism advocate.
Mosh embraces and affirms campers, staff, and families of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. 

In addition to traditional boy and girl housing, we also offer an all-gender housing option. Campers at Mosh are invited to live where they are most comfortable. We also work with campers to find a comfortable place to use the bathroom and shower.

We are a camping industry leader in gender-inclusive practices. Camps across the country have used our model when putting similar structures in place. Our innovative efforts in using non-gendered Hebrew at camp have been highlighted in The Washington Post.
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