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Communicating With Your Camper

How can I be in touch with my camper?
It is important that campers leave their cell phones at home. ​The most successful camping experiences occur when a child is fully immersed in Machaneh (camp). The developing sense of independence and support from camp friends is part of the magic of overnight camp and makes the experience even more special, thus phone calls from campers are usually not allowed.
Parents and Family Writing: Campers love to get mail! Please use snail mail in addition to emailing!
Please send mail to:  615 Cherry Hill Rd, Street, MD 21154
Email Guidelines:

 1. No photos or any attachments in an email! Emails with photos overload our satellite internet connection and might not go through.
2. Text only in the body of the email
3. Send emails only to
4. Write your child’s name and age group in the subject line

Can I send packages to my camper?

Food items will not be accepted in care packages. Due to incidents related to food being sent to campers with nuts and the prevalence and danger of nut allergies, campers are not able to receive food in care packages. 
However, if you would like to send a package, recommended items are books, games, puzzles, and other non-food items that your children can share with their friends. We encourage family and friends to write as much as they would like, but recommend sending no more than 1-2 packages per session. 

What kind of communication can I expect from Mosh staff?

Mosh also has a blog, where we post pictures and tell you what we are up to. So even if your child doesn’t write, you can see what’s going on and enjoy hearing about the fun and creative peulot (activities) they are experiencing. 

Please also follow us on Facebook! Our page will be updated every few days and is another great way to get information on the happenings at camp.
In addition, Mosh staff is available to talk with you when your child is at camp. Should you have any questions or concerns, email Talia or call. Messages are checked every day and you can expect a response within 24 hours.

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