SUMMER 2021 

Mosh's coronavirus committee, made up of tzevet (summer staff), medical professionals, parents, alumni, and year-round staff, has developed protocols that will allow camp to open and run safely this summer. The protocols are in-line with the Centers for Disease Control’s Overnight Summer Camp regulations. The protocols are for our Phase 1, which will be our most restrictive period of time. In this dynamic and ever-changing situation, our promises to you are to:

  • Remain vigilant about incorporating changes to the guidelines based on guidance from the Maryland Department of Health, the CDC, and the American Camp Association

  • Communicate changes as they happen

Pre-Camp Protocols

Prior to camp, all campers will:

  • Engage in a 2-week prearrival quarantine that includes physical distancing, mask-wearing when not at home, avoiding unnecessary travel, and refraining from social gatherings with people outside of their households.

  • submit a daily health log with temperature and symptom check

  • test negative (PCR test) within 3 days before camp

  • conduct a telehealth visit with Diligent Urgent Care  



Our testing structure will be as follows:

  • Everyone must have a negative PCR test, conducted on June 24

  • Everyone will be rapid tested on the first day of camp

  • Everyone will receive a PCR test on the 5th day of camp

  • Surveillance Testing and testing before going home


Cohort Structure

  • For at least the first 10-14 days of camp, we will be in a cohort structure.

  • Cohorts will act as family units and can interact without distancing and may interact without masking.

  • When different cohorts intermingle, they will be doing two of these three things: masking, social distancing, interacting outside

  • As campers will be masked for portions of the day, masks will be on the packing list. Camp will provide extras as needed. Masks may get lost or dirty at camp. We are recommending disposable masks for this reason.

  • After the first 10-14 days of camp, we may choose to open up cohorts to be bigger units (an age group, for example). This decision will be guided by CDC/state guidelines and the prevalence of disease at camp.



  • If someone presents COVID-19 symptoms, they will immediately be quarantined in our designated quarantine space. They will be rapid tested and we will assess the situation from there. If they test positive for COVID-19, they will likely go home that day. In the event that a camper must go home, parents will be responsible for transportation. All positive COVID-19 test results will be reported to the health department and we will follow their guidance.

  • We will conduct contact tracing to determine who the quarantined person has interacted with. These people will be separated from the rest of camp (to continue their own programming) while we conduct rapid tests and symptom screening.


Our Bubble

  • We will operate as a closed bubble, meaning there will be strict limits on who can enter and leave the campgrounds. For example, we will have our lifeguards, contractors, and delivery people in and out of camp as needed. However, we will have protocols that limit their exposure to staff and campers so as to maintain a safe camp environment.

  • There will be no Visitor's Day or MBI Weekend.

  • Our session start and end dates are fixed. No exceptions will be made.



  • We are making facilities improvements in areas of sanitation, personal hygiene, and ventilation, following the guidelines provided by the Maryland Department of Health and the CDC

  • We will have tzevet (staff) devoted to cleaning and will have a robust sanitation plan, including the use of electrostatic sprayers and FDA-approved cleaning supplies



If you choose to withdraw from camp before the summer (through June 10), we will give full tuition refunds or rollovers to next summer. If you have concerns, we encourage you to speak with us so we can plan together for the most successful experience for every camper.